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    Secrets to Success: Bedtime Belligerence

    Dr. Donna Housman       

    thumb_hotemotions_bigheader v04I am continually impressed with how loving and dedicated most parents are in wanting to raise their children in the best possible fashion. Raising children is difficult, while raising healthy, socially aware, and well-behaved children is one of the great challenges of life.  And, lest it be forgotten, there is no degree, on-line certification, or weekend warrior crash course for parenthood.  This week let’s discuss a situation all parents deal with every day: putting your child to bed so that you can get some precious quiet-time or even better- some sleep yourself!

    In order to avoid your child’s vigorous protests and running around to evade capture for bedtime (and only further energizing them making it harder to eventually fall asleep), try incorporate limit setting in your child’s routine.  It is important to prepare your child and the process of setting limits teaches children the connection between actions and consequences.  When consistently followed through with, setting limits gives children a structure they can rely on, which is important in a child’s feeling of safety and comfort.

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