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Beginnings School

Where a Love of Learning Begins...

Beginnings is committed to providing the highest quality of education in a safe, enriching, and nurturing environment for both learning and growth.  Alongside a rich academic curriculum, children at Beginnings are taught the fundamentals of emotional and social intelligence.  This learning allows children to better express, understand, and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others; essential skills which can provide them with success personally, socially, and academically throughout their lives.                                        

Dr. Donna Housman, Founder, is also a practicing clinical child psychologist.  She conducts weekly trainings for all teachers, consults with parents and specialists, and offers workshops throughout the year.  

Beginnings offers part-time and full-time options for children ages 3 months through Kindergarten plus My Clubhouse Afterschool Program K-3 and a Summer Explorations Program.  We welcome you to explore our website to learn more about us and contact us to set up a tour! 

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About Us:

In 1985 Dr. Donna Housman founded Beginnings School.  She named the school ‘Beginnings’ after what she believes to be the most influential years of a child’s life, and established the butterfly symbol to represent each student’s unique course of development.




Read Dr. Donna Housman's response to Nicholas Kristof's New York Times piece "Do Politicians Love Kids?"

Reading Room

We invite you to discover a child's world of literature. These books have been carefully chosen by our teachers to help foster literacy and your child's love of books.  We encourage you to browse this year's book fair selection.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are the seeds that later give root to behavior, and motivate us from infancy through our adult lives. The earlier we can help each child connect their emotions to their behavior and thoughts, the more we can help a child become a person with purpose and meaning, with the capacity to understand their sense of self in relation to others.

At Beginnings Children Learn To:

  • Recognize, express and manage their feelings.
  • Develop an understanding of how their emotions impact others.
  • Formulate problem solving, and conflict resolution solutions to day-to-day challenges.
  • Utilize primary social skills such as listening, sharing, and taking turns.
  • Structure cognitive skills as a base for reading readiness, math awareness, and more.

Creative Play Is A Child's "Work."

Play is essential in developing the foundation for social, emotional, creative, physical, and cognitive skills. Research directly links play to a child's ability to master such academic content as literacy and numeracy. Play also contributes to advances in vocabulary, language, comprehension, attention span, concentration, problem-solving strategies, self-regulation, impulse control, and group participation.

Classrooms Provide A Print-Rich Environment.

Beginnings promotes literacy, language, and a love of books. Our youngest children associate books with comfort, security, and an expanding knowledge about the world. 

  • To continually foster vocabulary expansion, teachers label objects and allow for inventive spelling.
  • Child are encouraged to become their own authors and illustrators of work displayed in the classroom. Recognizing each child’s ideas and works nourishes feelings of pride and enhances self-esteem.
  • Teachers document each child’s unique linguistic developments.

Healthy Habits For Life.

Beginnings promotes wellness education among its staff, children, and parents by sharing and practicing healthy habits.  

  • Teachers integrate wellness routines into the classroom including: frequent hand washing, nutritious food choices, tooth brushing, exercising, safety lessons such as wearing seat belts, and other healthy behaviors.
  • Children are visited by local health professionals in their classroom to practice activities like yoga, swimming, and more.
  • Beginnings and local health professionals provide children and families with regular communications about wellness.

Be Positive. Be Yourself.

Beginnings encourages a heightened sense of wonder and positive feelings of self-worth in children as they embark on their life’s journey to discover themselves and the world around them. Each child is valued as a unique individual within a secure and stimulating environment. This fosters their sense of self, creativity, and independence, ultimately building positive relationships with peers and adults.