Beginnings School has integrated proven principles of teaching emotional competencies, strong social skills, and self-regulation into the development and learning process through a unique approach called begin to…ECSEL™ (Emotional Cognitive Social Early Learning). Emotions are our universal first language, and developing strong emotional and interpersonal skills forms the basis for all other academic skill development later on.

Learning requires children to pay attention, be patient, persist, persevere, face their mistakes, and remain focused, especially when frustrated. Each of these skills is rooted in children’s ability to understand, control and manage their own emotions and effectively deal with those of others.

When children are better able to manage intense emotions including stress and anxiety, their brain’s resources are better able to perform intensive critical thinking tasks of listening, concentrating and problem solving – essential skills for learning.

Because begin to…ECSEL™ is grounded in research, we continuously assess ourselves, our methods and our students’ success. This ongoing research helps us continue to learn about children’s growth and development and refine our approach so that our students benefit from the latest thinking and best practices.