Sibling rivalry

Parenting, Sibling Rivalry

Order in the Court: The Case of Sibling Rivalries

Dr. Donna Housman

Do you ever feel like you’re more of a judge or a football referee than a parent? Are you always breaking up disputes over stolen toys and consoling at least one child in tears? Sibling rivalry is a common parenting concern worth addressing. Before...

Tags: Parenting, Sibling Rivalry

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Parenting, Preschool Newton, Childcare Newton, Kindergarten Newton, Sibling Rivalry

Secrets to Success: Sibling Rivalry

Dr. Donna Housman

Parent's Question: I have been noticing that my 4 year old daughter gets jealous whenever I spend time alone with my 2 year old toddler.  For example, at bedtime, I try to put my toddler to sleep before my 4 year old, so I take him upstairs with the...

Tags: Parenting, Preschool Newton, Childcare Newton, Kindergarten Newton, Sibling Rivalry

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