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    We had a great time at this year’s annual end of the year picnic. It truly was a celebration of all the wonderful things that we’ve accomplished over the past year. Children have learned, grown, and found new friends- some of whom will last a lifetime. Whether this year was your first at Beginnings, or if this year marks your child’s transition after a long tenure here, we know that the learning that happens during the first years of life is the most impactful.

    That’s why we always strive to teach children across a broad spectrum of subjects. Whether it’s emotion regulation (the heart of our curriculum!), expressing creativity through painting, or cooking, our children learn every day. We’re so happy to have shared this with you and your family over the past year.

    Speaking of cooking! We’ve been whipping up a creation with the children here at Beginnings, that we know will become your child’s favorite both at home and at school. Try it with peanut butter, soy nut butter, or for a decadent treat, nutella! Here’s the recipe:

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