• School Happenings

    The Winter Festival is around the corner!

    Dr. Donna Housman       

    We’re excited to be hosting our third annual Winter Festival here at Beginnings School on Saturday, February 8th. I hope you’ll all come and join us for the event – it’ll be a great time, with science fun, animals to meet, and (if forecasts are right) snow to play in as well! We’re excited to invite all of our Beginnings families, and others from the region, to explore with us and have a good time. The opportunity to have fun and play helps families bond and lets children foster their interests.

    Play and exploration are powerful tools for children to experience the world on their own terms – to follow their passions, see what excites them, and challenge their minds. Play experiences provide the sensory-rich world that children’s brains crave, especially at a young age. While the Winter Festival is a great time to play for the whole family, parents and children should play all year if possible! More than a few parents, though, feel so stressed, or tired, or overworked that they aren’t sure they remember how to play with their kids, like this parent.

    Here are a couple of simple suggestions to keep up the spirit of exploration and play throughout the year:

    1. Be Physical

    Get moving! There’s always something fun to do with our bodies – dancing, jumping, even making funny faces. Each season of the year also brings a different way to explore nature and movement. In our wintry months, jumping in the snowdrifts, making snowmen, feeling snowflakes, and sledding can be wonderful.

    2. Look at Current Events

    Take a current event and make it an experience for the whole family. This family had a fun idea for the Tony awards:

    “One weekend ahead of the Tony Awards, her theater-loving family spent an afternoon drawing the New York skyline on a huge length of butcher paper and taped it to the wall. They taped down red construction paper for a red carpet leading to the TV room, bought sparkling cider and dressed in their fanciest clothes for the broadcast.”

    Don’t forget, the Winter Olympics are coming up!

    3. Transform a Daily Chore

    With a little bit of creativity, a lot of normal day-to-day tasks are an opportunity to have fun together. Dinner can become a chance to explore textures, tastes, and smells while preparing food, and laundry time can turn into a game of sorting colors and fabrics.

    4. Have fun!

    The most important parts of play are providing children with sensory experiences and giving them the opportunity to spend quality time with their parents. Whatever specific activities you do with your children, have fun with them!

    Let us know in the comments what activities you use to play with your children, and we’ll hope to see you at the Winter Festival in a few weeks! Check here for tickets.