• Susan Littlefield, Parent

    It is such a pleasure when your children love to go to school! All three of our boys have attended Beginnings, and each grew tremendously while there. Beginnings really imparts a strong sense of community and a deep love of learning in the children. My boys are all very different from one another, and the program was excellent for all of them. One of my best memories was when my eldest found his words there to tell his friends when he did not like what they were doing. This has served him well in many situations as he has grown. He is also a champion for those who have not found their own voice. I also remember fondly when my middle son would leave each day, his classmates would give him a hug and wish him well–such a loving community. My youngest is still there being stimulated every day. He is able to leverage his learning there in so many ways and be very creative at school and at home. He has been “educating” me about all the countries his class has “visited” this year. As a family, we have enjoyed many wonderful days at Beginnings!