• Molly Brenner, Parent

    As a working mom with two kids (2 and 4), I needed a special place for my children to go during the day. When I walked into Beginnings I knew instantly that this was the best place for my children. Beginnings is a different kind of school. Why is it different? So many reasons. Starting with the facility, there are huge outdoor spaces including a lush garden, an outdoor classroom for exploring, a playground, two sandboxes and a giant field for children to run wild with their imaginations. Clean, large indoor spaces including a gross-motor room.

    Beginnings has incredible resources for the children. Computers in the classrooms, gifted, generous teachers and administrators, and the director of the school is world class. Donna Housman, the Founder, makes this school different. Her education and expertise is unparalleled, and she is often present and readily available. Through play the kids are learning about science, art, language and math. The school brings in musicians, yoga instructors, and soccer programs to continually expose the children to a variety of ways to play and learn. Beginnings is different because they emphasize play, learning and emotional intelligence. In a world that is more and more emotionless and disconnected, I am grateful that Beginnings is different and is committed to helping my son and daughter connect with their emotions as well as the emotions of others.