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    Stop Bullying Before it Starts: Arming Children with Emotional Intelligence

    Jonathan Sommer       

    thumb_blackboardbullyTo follow-up and continue the important conversation that was started at the “Bully” advanced screening, Dr Donna Housman will be holding a seminar to delve deeper into the topic of bullying and what can be done to stop it once and for all.

    The fight against bullying starts with us, but in order to effectively guide our children, first we must be knowledgeable in what we must do to be successful. The seminar will go much deeper into the concepts of emotional intelligence that need to be taught to our children from a very young age and will go over ways parents and teachers can incorporate lessons of emotional intelligence in a child’s daily life. The talk will also cover signs to look for in children that can serve to either sense and intervene in a bullying situation early on, or determine whether it is your child who is doing the bullying.

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