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    Something Amiss in Attachment Parenting

    Dr. Donna Housman       

    thumb_455391There is much being said these days about attachment parenting; a 20 year old parenting philosophy developed by a pediatrician from the Midwest named Dr. William Sears.  The theory is based on the attachment theory in psychology concerning the significance of the strong emotional bond of the child to the mother/caregivers during childhood.  It is becoming a popular trend in the US and most recently, was the cover story of Time Magazine, “Are you Mom Enough?” (May 21, 2012).  I agree with the premise that a child needs a secure attachment with a nurturing and consistent caretaker, but the way that attachment parenting proposes to achieve this is seriously flawed as it does not facilitate healthy growth by failing to promote and encourage the necessary and natural need for autonomy.  The results of this have very negative effects on the mother and child.  When the theory of attachment parenting is religiously followed by mothers, the woman’s identity becomes purely defined as an “attached” mother and the tendency is for the child to become an extension of the mother- derailing and preventing the necessary development of autonomy for each.

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