Beginnings School does an incredible job and have a thorough understanding of child development and the importance of engaging even the youngest children in activities to develop language and social and emotional skills. In the preschool classroom, the teachers use exciting activities to teach the children about everything from physics (e.g., they learned about gravity by building ramps and dropping different types of object!) to animal habitats. Throughout the school, there is a focus on social emotional development and cooperation that has been incredibly effective at enhancing our children’s confidence, empathy, and friendships. On top of all of this, our children LOVE going to school.

- Holly Schindler, Parent

During a recent visit to Beginnings, we were awed by their visually engaging classrooms. Teachers authentically encourage every child to feel good about growing! Beginnings students come to our kindergarten already loving to learn! We have seen Beginnings students thrive at the Rashi School because of the social and academic curiosity and confidence that Beginnings has instilled in them.

- Admissions Team, Rashi School

We have been comforted knowing our children are well taken care of, in a safe environment, and were growing emotionally, socially, and academically. In each classroom you will find an environment and curriculum that inspire curiosity in the world around us and explore and respect cultural differences. From classroom to classroom, teachers work to instill a sense of care and respect within each of the children. They must take care with how they talk and interact with each other and respect each other’s words, space, and persons. When our older son entered kindergarten after having attended Beginnings, he was so well prepared (academically and socially) there were no transition issues or challenges whatsoever.

- Gail and Tom Palmer, Parent

Beginnings School embraces the science behind the importance of social/emotional intelligence. The school’s Founder, Dr. Donna Housman, has done many years of research on the subject and incorporates it not only in the curriculum but in her WINGS program. My daughter, now entering first grade, still talks about circle time with Dr. Housman and working out feelings with role playing and art. From the well-maintained fenced in playground, their huge grass fields, a babbling brook, an outdoor classroom, and the A-Z garden, the campus is gorgeous and enjoyed by the children.

- Audra Myerberg, Parent

As a working mom with two kids (2 and 4), I needed a special place for my children to go during the day. When I walked into Beginnings I knew instantly that this was the best place for my children. Beginnings is a different kind of school. Why is it different? So many reasons. Starting with the facility, there are huge outdoor spaces including a lush garden, an outdoor classroom for exploring, a playground, two sandboxes and a giant field for children to run wild with their imaginations. Clean, large indoor spaces including a gross-motor room.

Beginnings has incredible resources for the children. Computers in the classrooms, gifted, generous teachers and administrators, and the director of the school is world class. Donna Housman, the Founder, makes this school different. Her education and expertise is unparalleled, and she is often present and readily available. Through play the kids are learning about science, art, language and math. The school brings in musicians, yoga instructors, and soccer programs to continually expose the children to a variety of ways to play and learn. Beginnings is different because they emphasize play, learning and emotional intelligence. In a world that is more and more emotionless and disconnected, I am grateful that Beginnings is different and is committed to helping my son and daughter connect with their emotions as well as the emotions of others.

- Molly Brenner, Parent

Beginnings is wonderfully creative and structure each month around a theme. One month they might focus on nature by using the garden or outdoor classroom nestled among the trees next to the school. The next month they might focus on physics; gravity is my son’s favorite topic! The curriculum’s core focuses on emotional intelligence. Teaching the children about their own feelings, how to deal with those feelings and how to communicate what those feelings mean helps to foster their self confidence and social awareness. The benefit of my son learning about this is that it has changed the way he communicates at home. We no longer see childlike tantrums; we now hear from a boy who can articulate with his words.

- Amy Gottschalk, Parent

It is such a pleasure when your children love to go to school! All three of our boys have attended Beginnings, and each grew tremendously while there. Beginnings really imparts a strong sense of community and a deep love of learning in the children. My boys are all very different from one another, and the program was excellent for all of them. One of my best memories was when my eldest found his words there to tell his friends when he did not like what they were doing. This has served him well in many situations as he has grown. He is also a champion for those who have not found their own voice. I also remember fondly when my middle son would leave each day, his classmates would give him a hug and wish him well–such a loving community. My youngest is still there being stimulated every day. He is able to leverage his learning there in so many ways and be very creative at school and at home. He has been “educating” me about all the countries his class has “visited” this year. As a family, we have enjoyed many wonderful days at Beginnings!

- Susan Littlefield, Parent

Beginnings School in Weston is an absolutely outstanding preschool with a SPARK kindergarden option. My husband and I have seen our daughter become a more confident preschooler, taking risks and initiating conversations with adults and teachers since her enrollment two years ago. The comprehensive feedback from her teachers has been both accurate and informative on a daily basis. This school has truly made learning a fun and enjoyable experience through field trips, weekly lesson plans, and parent-teacher interactions!a

- Michele Graves, Parent

The teachers, the parent community, the campus and the incredible development our son has enjoyed in that time. It was tough for us to move to a new school, after 3+ years at another daycare, but our son (and we) adjusted in no time and has made such wonderful strides in prep for kindergarten and life. He has developed social skills (coping and talking out your problems, being a good friend), academic focus (letters, reading, learning about so many great topics), a love of learning, and wonderful, warm friends & teachers. It came highly recommended to me when we were evaluating a number of local preschools, and now I truly understand why!

- Debbie Boshart, Parent

After meeting with the staff, touring the facility, gathering references from other families at Beginnings, and sitting in valuable lectures taught by the founder of Beginnings, I was assured that Beginnings would be the place for our children to grow and develop. My family went through all the levels of the Beginnings experience from infancy through Jr. Kindergarten, to the After School Program. During that time we participated each year in the Summer Camp Programs. Beginnings has been a very active partner in the development, growth, and support of our children and family.”

I find it hard to summarize in a few words what the Beginnings experience has meant to our family, perhaps just a “peace of mind” will do.

- Brenda M., Parent

We have had both of our kids go through Beginnings programs during the school year and in the summer. Our daughter started in the Sprout Room at two and our son started as a Seedling at 5 months old. While our children’s personalities and interest have always been very different, their enjoyment of the warm and nurturing environment at Beginnings has been shared.

We have been impressed with Beginnings’ ability to match our children’s needs with close personal attention. We have found an excellent balance of structure and free form play that creates a safe environment for our children to learn and grow. We know the lessons our children have learned from the exceptional teachers at Beginnings have created a fantastic platform for further growth and development throughout their lives

- Noah L., Parent

The lower school camp session was the perfect mix of outdoor time- water play, playground time, nature walks- and indoor exploration, including all the special events. My son still talks about seeing a wallaby!

The upper school camp session was a non-stop, fun-filled session. Field trips to amazing, enriching places, swim lessons, great curriculum, and an art show! The teachers treated the children like ‘big kids’ and in, return, I think the kids grew a great deal- while having a blast

- Tara Gingerich, Parent

I was speaking to my daughter Sierra’s teacher, who teaches in the Sprout Room, and I mentioned to him how great Beginnings School has been for Sierra since we recently moved to the area. We enrolled Sierra into the program in November and have been very pleased ever since. We are impressed with the curriculum and the enthusiasm of the teachers with the material each month.

- Diana and David S, Parents

I would highly recommend Beginnings to any family considering it as their pre-school or care provider. Not only does Beginnings provide a calming, warm and educating environment for my children, it has great communication with parents as well. All the teachers are well educated in child development and happy to share their input and observations with regards to our children. We have two kids enrolled and will happily be enrolling our third when the time comes!

- Jamie L., Parent

It’s hard to fully express what an incredible impact Beginnings has had on our family over the past year- I really can’t imagine a wa rmer and more nurturing environment for my kids. All three of our children were enrolled there this year, and so we had the opportunity to observe and appreciate how well Beginnings addresses the needs of children at every age. The teachers and staff provide a rich, nurturing environment that is uniquely attuned to each child’s personality and needs, fostering both individual and social development. I remember visiting Beginnings with my younger daughter for the first time last summer; we had been there for all of ten minutes when she announced to me that she was ready to start school, right then and there. She ran off to join other children her age, and was having so much fun that she would only agree to go home with me if I promised to bring her back as soon as possible!

It’s been nearly a year now, and it’s amazing to see how she has blossomed under the loving guidance of her teachers. My baby has been in the infant room since he was four months old, and he has thrived under the care of his wonderful teachers. He is always all smiles when I pick him up at the end of the day; it definitely makes things easier for me as a working parent to know that my little guy is having such a great time! My oldest daughter has been attending the after-school program for the past few months, and she has had a blast. There is a bus that goes straight from her elementary school to Beginnings, which couldn’t be more convenient, and Beginnings provides a variety of stimulating activities for her, from arts and crafts to outside play time. In addition to the fun they have with their classmates, my three kids love getting to visit with each other at school as well!  We look forward to many more wonderful years at Beginnings!

Kristy and Jason Watkins
- Kristy and Jason Watkins, Parents