Preschool: A Hands-On Approach

Ages 3 to 5 years

Children learn by experience. The Beginnings preschool approach incorporates many opportunities for our preschoolers to experience the world around them. From taking part in field trips and planting vegetables in our garden, to assisting in the care of school pets and participating in classroom routines, Beginnings students are always exploring. Regularly scheduled visits from specialists and children’s relatives who have expertise in various fields also enrich the curriculum. Specialty programs include Beginnings All Stars Athletic Program, Hip Hop with Carl and even Mandarin. We also offer a unique social and emotional program called Wings which helps children reflect on, navigate and learn to problem solve classroom interpersonal challenges, like sharing and differences of opinion. Schedule a tour to learn more.

Junior Kindergarten

Unique Beginnings principles shape a curriculum built on natural curiosity, imagination, and desire to learn. Students’ progress against individualized goals is shared with parents throughout the year.

Our Junior Kindergarten curriculum extends well beyond play to include problem solving, working cooperatively, effective communications, and awareness of ourselves in relation to others.

Emotional competence is woven throughout the curriculum while students are also introduced to academic concepts in language, writing, math, science, social studies, creative arts, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and technology.

SPARK Kindergarten Program: Igniting the Desire for Learning

The Beginnings Senior Kindergarten Program lights a SPARK for children to enjoy and experience the process of thinking creatively, critically, and inquisitively.

Beginnings’ unique program emphasizes emotional intelligence and creative play as primary building blocks of learning and success. Students’ progress against individualized goals is shared with parents throughout the year.

SPARK offers a comprehensive approach to learning within a full academic curriculum including

    • Language arts
    • Writing
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social studies
    • Creative arts
    • Mandarin Chinese
    • Physical education, including hip-hop dance and super soccer stars
    • Field trips