Specialized Needs

UnknownSome children confront challenges that require special services and support to help them extend their intellectual and emotional potential. These challenges, typically referred to as developmental delays or disorders, cover a wide range of issues including speech and language, cognitive processing, motor skills, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder.

At times, a child may be identified with developmental challenge or disorder after enrollment at Beginnings. Beginnings has developed a program and organized a team of professionals who are experienced in helping to identify, assess, and treat such developmental disorders.

All of our teaching staff goes through regular clinical training by Dr. Donna Housman. If a child displays difficulties, our teachers will be able to recognize the issue and bring it to the attention of the Program Director and Dr. Donna Housman for additional observation and to schedule a meeting with teachers and parent(s) to discuss issues and design the best possible plan for helping the child continue to climb the developmental ladder toward achieving key developmental milestones.