Lower School

Infant/toddler programs: Where a Love of Learning Begins

Ages 3 months to 2 years 11 months

90% of the brain is developed by the age of 3
Brain-development science (developmental neuroscience) shows that the first three years of a child’s life are most important in terms of emotional and cognitive development.


Our infant/toddler classrooms are large, light-filled spaces where children can freely explore and interact with each other. The rooms are filled with children’s artwork, age-appropriate activities, books, toys, puzzles, games, and learning centers including a sign language program.

Because emotions are our universal first language, teaching children how to acknowledge their feelings and regulate their emotions is critical to their social, moral and intellectual development.

Lifelong learning is built on emotional and social development from the earliest ages. Managing emotions enables the skills necessary for learning, and our preschool program ensures that children are taught how to effectively direct their energy towards listening, concentrating and problem solving. By offering positive learning experiences and helping your child to manage their emotions, we strengthen neurological connections to maximize brainpower.