After School

Afterschool Program: Learning Continues

Kindergarten through third grade

Imaginations soar, ideas lead to explorations, and investigations become discoveries as students pursue their interests at our Afterschool Program. Our Afterschool Program provides a safe and caring program where boys and girls come together for fun and enriching experiences to take them beyond their school day.

A typical afternoon schedule balances active outdoor time with quiet indoor time with activities like:

  • Doing crafts, reading literature, and practicing development skills indoors.
  • Exploring how things work through our science-oriented units, focusing on engineering, treasure seeking, topography, and cooking.
  • Playing outdoor field games and sports, and exploring nature.
  • Time is also set aside for older students to work on their homework.

Children come directly from school to join Beginnings for our after school program. Beginnings may arrange a variety of schedules to meet specific family pick-up/drop-off needs. Transportation is also available from Weston Public Schools.