Programs And Curricula

Programs & Curricula

Beginnings has a more than thirty-year history of offering enriched and developmentally appropriate curricula for children ages three months to five years. Infused into our program is Dr. Donna Housman's unique begin to ECSEL program which enhances emotional, cognitive and social early learning through play, relationships and hands-on in-the-moment learning. Beginnings is the nation’s only school that offers this evidence-based program that has been scientifically shown to improve children's emotional competence, self-regulation, empathy, and other critical emotional, cognitive and social early learning skills that are foundational to lifelong learning success, well-being and mental health. 

“I love working as a teacher at Beginnings because of Dr. Donna Housman’s social emotional developmental approach to educating children. Every time I meet with Donna, I learn volumes and this approach works in the classroom every time. I see every day how validating feelings has helped me as a teacher and hear from families how empowering this approach is, resulting in a very strong bond between myself, the children, and their families.”
– Beginnings School Early Childhood Educator, Susan