Maya Fields
Maya Fields
Name  : Maya Fields
Position  : Teacher
Classroom  : Songbird Classroom
Education  : B.A. Health: Science, Society & Policy Minors - Hispanic Studies; Anthropology, Brandeis University
Bio  :

Maya has been working with children in multiple environments and with multiple age groups since high school. She has been a teacher’s assistant at a children’s center with infants and toddlers, has worked as a camp counselor, a tutor, and has volunteered with children of all ages in a therapeutic riding center and an occupational therapy center. In her spare time, Maya enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee. She also enjoys traveling, volunteering, and spending time with friends, family, and her pets.

“I have always loved working with young children because of their energy, curiosity, and humor. Working with children is so rewarding because I always learn just as munch from children as I teach them!”