• Op-Ed

    Freedom To Choose…One Size Does Not Fit All

    Dr. Donna Housman       

    Working mothers are happier and healthier than stay-at-home moms. Surprising?  This news is a recent finding released by the American Psychological Association (APA) based on research conducted through interviews with over 1,300 mothers. The research suggests that mothers in part or full-time working situations are healthier and less depressed when compared to stay-at-home moms. I see these conclusions as empowering mothers by increasing their awareness of a freedom of choice to stay home or work, as this research opens the door for mothers to work without the burden of feeling guilt or regret.

    What does this finding really boil down to?  I believe it is the autonomy and freedom to decide your own path in life, the recognition one receives for these choices, as well as the separation between work and home; the presence or absence of which makes the difference as to anyone’s satisfaction or discontent.  Granted, there absolutely are stay–at-home moms who are completely comfortable and happy with their decision to take on this role, and I don’t want to suggest otherwise.

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