September 6, 2011 - Fighting Bullying: Arming Children with Emotional Intelligence

In the last several years, bullying has become a national epidemic.  Protecting children should be a priority throughout the United States, and the recently enacted anti-bullying legislation here in Massachusetts is a step in the right direction.  But does it really solve the problem?

Clearly, deterring bullies through our legal system is vital, but it represents just one component of what must be a comprehensive approach to this societal problem. Prevention programs are essential to eliminating bullying and must be introduced at an early age. It is important to educate children in how to be emotionally smart in their awareness and sensitivity to how others feel.  When children learn empathy, it helps to counter the negative behaviors that often result in bullying.


In the upcoming weeks, Dr. Housman will be addressing these concerns in two public forums:

On September 5th, Dr. Housman spoke with the FOX 25 Morning Show news team to discuss the role of emotional intelligence in bullying prevention.

On September 14th at 7:00PM, Dr. Housman will be hosting an open discussion at the school in order to have a dialogue directly with parents about emotional intelligence and bullying prevention.  The Q&A session will focus on teaching parents how to create a safe and positive environment for their children by fostering their children’s development of emotional intelligence skills.

We invite you to attend this timely Q&A discussion on September 14th, from 7-8PM, which will be hosted at Beginnings School.

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