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Secrets to Success: Arrivals and Reunions

Dr. Donna Housman

Thumb Hotemotions BigheaderOne of the main tensions that is created is due to the fact that many parents are in a rush to pick up their children, get them out of their school, and go off to spend 'quality time' with them. These feelings, a combination of excitement and anxiety that you as a parent may have are being communicated to your child.  By rushing the child before he has adjusted to this transition of you coming back and him leaving an involved experience with friends and teachers, can be disorganizing for your child and result in distress and very distressing behavior.  Why?  Given that prior to the emergence of language, children's first form of communication is with their emotions, they are experts at reading our emotions and despite what we may or may not say when we may be a bit anxious ourselves about getting on with our agenda, our kids pick it up and react. What to do? Becoming aware of our own emotions and how we may be communicating them with and without words can be very helpful. It's really important to slow down, chat with your child, let them play a bit; take your time before you whisk them away.

Tags: Parenting, Preschool Newton, Kindergarten Newton, Kindergarten Weston, Preschool Weston

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