Our teachers and staff all share a passion for educating young children, and a dedication to supporting their development. In addition to being nurturing and responsible, our teachers are an experienced and educated group of professionals. Each member of our teaching team has earned a Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field, and many also have Master’s degrees.

All of our teachers understand that teaching children about emotions is instrumental in promoting adaptive emotion regulation patterns, which is crucial for social and academic success and well-being.


School Administration

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Angela Kenis

Director of Education

Angela has worked in early childhood for over 14 years, beginning as a classroom teacher, before becoming an Assistant Director, a Program Director and now Director of Education at Beginnings School and Child Development Center. She possesses knowledge and experience navigating NAEYC standards and criteria, as well as Massachusetts State Licensing requirements and regulations. In addition, she has a proven history of developing strong programming through ongoing staff development and building strong parent partnerships. During Angela's free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters. 


Linda Lee

Linda-LeeAssistant Director, Teacher

Over the years, Linda has had several roles caring for children. She's accrued experiences working as a live-in nanny, a camp counselor, a toddler teacher, a kindergarten teacher, a special education teacher and a substitute teacher. Linda enjoys her free time playing with her cat, Angel, taking walks, tai chi, reading and watching good movies. She also assists the elderly with their independence with Associated Homecare and is a member of the Lexington Pops Chorus.

"I love working with children. There is nothing better than watching a child reach a milestone. My favorite milestone is learning to zip your coat. I love watching the children try over and over again, becoming frustrated and then realizing they just completed the skill. "I can't do it!" to "Oh, I just did it!" Being able to witness their accomplishments is the best feeling in the world."



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Credentials and Training

In addition to requiring Bachelor’s degrees, all Teachers at Beginnings School participate in our foundational training in promoting children's emotional, cognitive and social early learning before the school year starts, as well as weekly one-hour Clinical Trainings during the year. The Beginnings School Teacher Training program integrates theory with practice. It equips our teachers with the tools to help children develop in the context of a relationship with the necessary experiences for self-regulation, positive social interaction and academic success.

These trainings focus on the emotional foundations of early development, learning and teaching, keeping educators up to date on current child development, neuroscience, and education research. 


Ethical Standards

During the one-week orientation at the start of the school year or when a teacher joins the school, they receive a NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment.

Their commitment to this standard of ethics in the care of young children is vital to each teacher’s success at Beginnings.


Professional Development

Our teachers receive ongoing training from their leadership team through modeling, mentoring, formal and informal observations and monthly supervision meetings as well as one week of comprehensive in-house training before the start of a new school year.