Our History

Founded in 1985 by Dr. Donna Housman who is a clinical psychologistBeginnings School welcomes children from 3 months to 6 years old to benefit from the unique begin to ECSEL™ program and its accompanying early childhood developmental curricula – promoting children's emotional, cognitive and social early learning through play, relationships and hands-on, in-the-moment learning.

Dr. Donna Housman developed the evidence-based begin to ECSEL program based on rigorous scientific research to help children develop the capacity to constructively express, effectively deal with and successfully manage inevitable frustrations, distresses and anxieties – abilities that prepare children for lifelong learning, mental health, well-being and success. To learn more about our philosophy and the program that is infused into our enriched curricula, read Dr. Housman’s article in the International Journal of Childcare and Education Policy.

We believe:

  • Neuroscience

    Children are our future and caring for them at the most sensitive time in their development is our passion. 

We believe

The unique Begin to ECSEL program optimizes learning by help children at a very early age to understand and regulate emotions ‘in the heat of the moment’ when they are experiencing emotions strongly. In order to be effective learners, children need to learn to regulate emotion so that they can focus, attend, problem-solve and utilize other critical emotional, cognitive and social early learning skills. By helping children learn to cope with intense feelings through positive experiences, neurological connections are strengthened to maximize brainpower, leading to better long-term outcomes in learning, success, well-being and mental health.